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Fulcher, Jonni

Federation EPBF
Fed. ID 148
Name Jonni Fulcher
Nickname Gazelle
Club Billiard Club Carouge
Residence Switzerland
Date of Birth 1974-09-22
Gender M
Category Seniors
Playing Cue Predator P2
Break Cue Sledgehammer
Cons. runs 8-ball 5
Cons. runs 9-ball 6
Highest Run 14/1 114
Palmares Jonni Fulcher, born 1974 First started playing snooker at the age of 10. He moved to London age 18 to study Physics at Imperial College London University where he continued to play snooker thanks to the Imperial College Snooker Club that had 4 full size snooker tables. He competed in the BUSA National tournaments and won the BUSA individual tournament in 1997 following which he captained the England University snooker team to 3 wins in the Home Nations team championships. However, due to his physics career he didn’t play any first class tournaments until recently. He finally decided to take billiards more seriously when he moved to Switzerland in August 2003 where he has proved himself at the highest level in European Snooker and Pool by winning numerous tournaments in the Swiss and European tours. He is the 2004 Swiss Snooker Champion and has been no 1 in the rankings on two occasions. He’s played only 9 events on the 9-Ball Eurotour and finally secured victory in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, beating famous names along the way such as Ralph Souquet, Roman Hybler and Tony Drago in the final. In Europe he is currently ranked number 11 and in Switzerland: no 1 for snooker and in the top 16 for pool having just recently won the 2006 14-1 triple open in Bumpliz and the Double Open in Sion. He also recently secured the Swiss 2006 team championship title in Bern with his team-mates from the Carouge Billiard Club in Geneva. He has made countless competitive century breaks in snooker tournaments and scalped many of the top European snooker and pool players along the way, most notably Thomas Engert, Ralph Souquet, Tony Drago, Stefan Cohen, Dimitri Jungo, Jasmin Ouchan, Sascha Speccia, Douglas Hogan and many more. He lost narrowly to top snooker players: 4-3 Ian Mc Culloch in 2003 Swiss Open Quarter Final, 3-1 Neil Robertson 2005 Swiss Open last 32 (having made 76 break in the first frame and a 107 clearance in the second frame). He also recently reached the last 16 of the 2006 Bienne Grand Prix International 9-Ball Championship in Switzerland losing to Sandor Tot who went on to win the tournament.

Snooker Highest Break: 147
9-ball Break Runs: 6
8-ball Break Runs: 5
14-1 Series: 114
National and International tournament victories since the year 2003: 23

Snooker Victories:
04.03.2006 Finale Leman Cup Morges
24.02.2006 Aargauer Master Cup RT-4 Zofingen (Medela Sports)
14.01.2006 QT Morges
12.01.2006 Leman Cup Morges
22.12.2005 Leman Cup Morges
05.11.2005 Elite-QT Baden
26.10.2005 Jackpot Zofingen Zofingen
08.10.2005 QT Biel
19.02.2005 QT-Elite Baden
13.11.2004 Elite-QT Baden
30.10.2004 National Open Baden
19.04.2004 Swiss Championship
03.04.2004 QT Zofingen
13.03.2004 QT Zofingen
21.02.2004 QT Brugg
31.01.2004 QT Morges
10.01.2004 7. Int. Dreikönigsturnier Adliswil
25.10.2003 QT Zofingen
1999 British Universities Individual Champion
1997 British Universities National Team Champions

Pool Victories:
07.10.2006 Eurotour Swiss Open Champion
30.09.2006 Qualfied for IPT Tour Card Play off in Lampertheim Germany
10.09.2006 Double Open Champion, Sion
20.08.2006 Triple Open 14/1 Champion, overall 2nd place in Bumpliz, Bern.
28.02.2006; 2. QT - Runde, 14/1 endlos

Other Achievements:
22.09.2006 17th in Eurotour Holland – beat Thomas Engert to get to last 32 on TV table
10.09.2006 2. Rang, Leso Trophy Bremgarten, Code 7
20.08.2006 2. Rang, 21st. Triple Open, Bümpliz (Gesamt), Code 7
09.06.2006 Eurotour Austria 17th place beating Jasmin Ouchan, Joern Kaplan, Michael Schmidt
14.04.2006 Eurotour Italy 33rd place beating Craig Osborne
05.02.2006 4. Rang, Drei Königsturnier 2006 Zusatztableau, Code 7
28.01.2006 2. Rang, 8er Ball, 2. QT-Runde 05/06, Sion, QT-Liga B
23.09.2005 2. Rang 16. Seeländercup 2005, Code 8
28.08.2005 2. Rang Leso Trophy Bremgarten, Code 7
20.08.2005 5. Rang Triple Open Bümpliz 2005, 14/1, Code 7

Top Players He’s Beaten:
Tony Drago, Thomas Engert, Ralph Souquet, Philip Stojanovic, Michael Schmidt, Stefan Cohen, Vittorio De Falco, Philip Ruthemann, Huidji See, Roman Hybler, Dejan Dabovic, Jasmin Ouchan, Dimitri Jungo, Joern Kaplan, Kevin Becker, Paul Williams, Craige Osborne, Urs Furrer, Sascha Speccia, Eric Marendaz, Imran Majid, Giorgio Margola, Paulo Grassa, Vincent Ortiz, Ronnie Regli, Douglas Hogan, Steve Higton, Hans Blankheart.
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Hall Of Fame Results - Chronical Medal Overview
Nr Year Event Tournament Rank Medal
1.  2006 ET - 2006 - M9 - Frauenfeld - Switzerland M9 1 Gold
2.  2015 ET - 2015 - 09 - Leende - Netherlands M9 3 Bronze

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