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European 9-Ball Open

European 9-ball Open

The European 9-ball Open Event takes place in Treviso Italy at the BHR Hotel this November starting on the 8th with the finals played on the 10th.

As the top 32 after the April Eurotour are automatically seeded into the main event, it is here where we would like to congratulate you on being one of those seeded players and welcome you to the main event.

Here you will find some information regarding the format to be used and the prize money, entry fees and with the schedule for the main event. There will be 32 qualifiers where 2 from each will qualify for the main event. The main event will consist of 96 players 32 seeded and 64 qualifiers. There will be 32 groups of 3 with the group losers eliminated leaving 64 players. The 32 seeded players will be placed in groups 1 to 32 as seeded. Winner of group 1 will be directed to seed number 1 in the 64 flowchart, winner of group 2 will be seeded number 2 in the 64 flowchart etc.

The 2nd placed player from the group will be drawn into the 64 field but not against his group winner in the first round. The 64 field is double elimination to the last 16, the last 16 will be single elimination. All group and double elimination matches will be a race to 9, single elimination will be a race to 11. Group matches; player A will be the seeded player and B,C will be the qualifiers. A plays against B with the winner of this match to play C and the last match will be determined by the first match result, C against either A or B. (the 2 qualified players from each qualifier will not be put in the same group in the main event). The top 32 seeded players entry fee will be 200 Euros.

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