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Sascha Tege Winner of the Germany Open 2010

Sascha Tege wins the Germany Open from Karl Boyes at the Stahlpalast / Axxon Hotel - Brandenburg. Ed: 106 - 2010 - Brandenburg, Germany - Diamond Nine / Dynamic German Open 1. Tege, Sascha GER 2. Boyes, Karl GBR 3. Petroni, Fabio ITA 3. Hundal, Ray IND For the complete ranking of this event please look at Ranking Germany Open 2010 Sascha Tege - winner of the German Open 2010 Helga Blawid and Sascha Tege Marco Tacis, Karl Boyes, Helga Blawid, Winner Sascha Tege, Ray Hundal and Fabio Petroni

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