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Special Photo Exhibition during Eurotour Spain

Black and White Created by Bethan Louise Sage Sponsored by EPBF/ IBP Hotel Alay, Benalmadena, Spain Wednesday 2nd –Saturday 5th December 2009 At this year’s Spanish Euro Tour which is to be held at the Hotel Alay, Benalmadena, Spain. There is an exciting opportunity to see some of Europe’s finest pool players in a different light from their normal persona. Bethan Louise Sage, the photographer, for the EPBF has created a collection of portraits including such players as Ralf Souquet, Niels Fiejen and Imran Majid. The collection consists of 36 players who have been featured in the top 32 ranking for this year, dressed in 1930’s style costumes. The exhibition will be opened to the public from 2pm on Wednesday 2nd December. If you would like more information about the exhibition please feel free to contact Bethan Louise Sage directly via email ( Players and others are invited to look at this special item. Photo Exhibition Malaga Please click the poster beneath to enter the gallery.

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