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Marcus Chamat Winner of the Austrian Open 2009

Marcus Chamat wins the Austrian Open from Darren Appleton at the Patricks - Rankweil - Austria. He wins the Austrian Open for the 3rd time. He beats Darren Appleton with 9-6. Niels Feijen and Jakob Belka became 3rd. Extra Price of 2000 Euro for 100th Eurotour for place 100 in the Overall Ranking would be for Giuseppe Iacobucci from Italy but unfortunately he was not participating this Eurotour. So the price will be forwarded to the next Eurotour event the 101th held in Weert from 16 to 19 september 2009. Ed: 100 - 2009 - Rankweil, Austria - Diamond Nine / Dynamic Austrian Open 1. Chamat, Marcus SWE 2. Appleton, Darren GBR 3. Feijen, Niels NED 3. Belka, Jakob GER For the complete ranking of this event please look at Ranking Austrian Open 2009 Marcus Chamat - Enjoying his 3rd Austrian Open Title Marcus Chamat ..... Local Organizer Norbert Engel with all the finalists of the Austrian Open David Morris, Norbert Engel, Jakob Belka, Marcus Chamat, Niels Feijen, Darren Appleton and Gre Leenders Marcus Chamat wins and jumps to 3rd place in the overall ranking

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