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IBP/EPBF Press Release for 100th Eurotour etc

In Rankweil the 100th Eurotour will be played at Patrick Canadian Corner.For this event a special price is introduced. For the complete Press Release please read below. 100th Euro Tour bonus prize: The IBPF announced at the recent Dynamic German Open Euro Tour event that it will be paying a bonus of €2000 to the player who is ranked 100th on the European rankings after the Dynamic Euro Tour in Austria. The reason behind this is the fact that this will be the 100th Euro Tour event since the tournament series started in 1992. There is a condition that whoever that player might be, they must have competed at the event in Austria otherwise it will be carried over to the next event in the Netherlands. That condition will continue until a player is participating and is ranked 100 after the event. IBPF President David Morris said “It is a great achievement to reach the 100th Eurotour and what a prize to give. Somebody will be smiling after that event with €2000 that they never thought they could win by being ranked 100th on the European rankings” Penalty for Darren Appleton During the European Championships in Austria 2009, UK’s Darren Appleton broke his cue on a table after losing his match. The tournament leader there, Ed De-Jonge, issued him with a fine of €200. Mr Appleton apologized immediately after the incident and said it was out of frustration at not playing to his ability. He also said that he meant no disrespect to either the EPBF or its sponsors. He did not appeal against the tournament official’s decision and paid the fine with a promise that this would not happen again. The EPBF took no further action against Mr Appleton and up-held the decision by the tournament official. EPBF President Gre Leenders said “this behavior is not acceptable at any of our events, even through frustration. I fully understand that athletes can become annoyed with themselves but restraint must be shown and above all, professionalism and respect in all kinds of conditions. I.B.P.F.

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