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New - High Quality LiveStream with Live Commentary Implemented

During the 99 Eurotour in Sindelfingen High Quality LiveStream with Live Commentary will be implemented to present top pool billiard matches. The live commentary will be presented by Ralph Eckert and the spoken language is english. In some cases players will be invited to give co-commentary during the match. Because of investments in high tech equipment and streaming capacities there is entry fee required.

  • Whole Package 2009 The German, Austrian, Dutch, Portugal and Spanish Euro-tours, Also included is the Nations Cup, and both the remaining European Championships (Youth and Seniors) Approx; 38 days of Top class pool for Only 50
  • Event Package 2009 Each Euro-tour will be available for an Event price, 3 days of great pool for Only 10
  • Daily Package Log in for a day and watch between 5 and 9 matches for Only 5
    Note! Some matches are also covered by commentators, see event separately for details. We hope you enjoy our livestream included the live commentary! With regards IBP

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