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Use you're Eurotour playerprofile on you're own website

TIP: If you want to use the last updated EuroTour, EPC or WPA player profile on an other website (you're own or you're sponsor website) than this can be done very easy:
Please follow following steps:
1. Lookup up you're player-id 2. Choose you're webpage where the playerprofile should be added. 3. Put in the following HTML code as shown in the picture below: 4. Save the webpage and publish it to the website. 5. You can do this also for WPA or EPC playerprofile by replacing by or with the right player-id of course. Example: Eurotour - PlayerID=13 (Ralp Souquet), Width=100% and Height=500 pixels. We hope this is usefull for players who want to use and present their own last updated Eurotour, EC or WPA profile.

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