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Brunssum : 30.03.2008 I.B.P. FOUNDATION PRESS RELEASE !!!!!!! Dear All, After long consideration between IBPF and the local organizer in Frauenfeld / Switzerland, Island Billiards - Mr. Jimmy Kolonis, it was decided in good co-operation that the Euro Tour 'Dynamic Swiss Open 2008 & 2009' will not be organized in Island Billiards. It turned out that it would be too much of an effort - financial & work - to make the necessary changes which the Euro Tour requires. The second issue that decided, was the fact that we only have 16 tables available which is, with the current number of announcements, quit a challenge. Looking back at the past years in Frauenfeld I think we can state that we “lost” a great organizer with the pool hart in the right place and with passion for the sport. On behalf of the IBPF / EPBF and all participants I want to say thank you to Jimmy & Baba for all they did for the sports and the Euro Tour in particular. It was great having you as a organizer and hopefully we see each other again quickly. The IBPF is now looking for another location to organize the Euro Tour in October. The dates will not be moved because of the full calendar. We will inform you all as soon as we have more news. Regards, Gre Leenders

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