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Event Info European Open Qualifier - Tromsoe - Norway

Federation EPBF
Event Nr 2012072
Edition 2
Name European Open Qualifier - Tromsoe - Norway
Venue Tromsoe Biljardklubb
City Tromsoe
Country Norway
Entry Fee 100 EUR

Announcement Mi 01-August-2012 00:00
Arrival Fr 10-August-2012 00:00
Invitation Letter
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Other Info The main tournament will be held from august 10 – 12. Players can register by sending email to spill@tromsobiljardklubb.no or through www.biljardforbundet.no. Tromsø is a small island in North of Norway famous for its fantastic scenery, northern light, the Aurora Borealis and the beautiful nature. During Midnight Sun Open 2012 you also have the chance to participate in one of several other side tournaments with price money from €100 to €4700. Please contact us through spill@tromsobiljardklubb.no if you want to participate in our Fat boy tournament with price money of €4700 held on Friday 10. august. Use this tournament to explore one of the most exotic places in the world.

As result of the final ranking following players have been qualified for the European Open 2012:
1. Oldervik, Ronny - Norway
2. Lysholm, Roger - Norway
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Tournament Flow Chart Race To Accreditation Draw Start Final Time Session Status Match
M9  -- 9 --   --       01:30
RR = Round Robin, DE = Double Elimination, SE = Single Elimination, XXX = Groupsize

 Name  Adress  Phone  Club  Nation  www  ID
1.   Tromsoe Biljardklubb  Skattørvegen 39, 9018 - Tromsoe  908 58 332  -- Click to open website 34