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The following players wil compete for Lithuania in this Seniors European Championships held this year in Veldhoven, Netherlands.
Nr  Name  Category Spots Assigned ID
 Participants to be announced.

The following players have already competed for Lithuania in EC Events in the past: 
Name Nickname Residence   M9 Photo ID

Legenda of tournaments played (Categories and disciplines)
Category   8 Ball   9 Ball   10 Ball   Straight   Teams
Girls G8 G9 G10 GS  
Juniors J8 J9 J10 JS JT
Ladies L8 L9 L10    
Men M8 M9 M10 MS  
Seniors S8 S9 S10 SS ST
Women W8 W9 W10 WS  
Wheelchairs WC8 WC9 WC10    

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