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Statistics show us that many poolfans have already taken a peek at our website. One of the things heard is that it looks a bit empty because for example the lists of participants are still incomplete. But now the first countries have confirmed their players. At the moment the teams of Belarus, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Netherlands (partial), Poland and Switzerland are finalised. If your name already appears on this site, your entry is confirmed at the EPBF. Your name is added to our database but your player profile is still empty, unless you've been at the EPC last year as well. At the accreditation, every first-time player will be asked to fill in a player profile so that all info will be up-to-date as the tournament starts. But why wait? Send us your player profile now and we'll update your personal information immediately !! Every player (even the ones that been at the EPC before) should check his/her profile and fill in or update the blanks. Thanks for your coorperation! Click here to fill in your profile ... It would help us a lot if you could send a picture of yourself in action as well. Your picture will be taken during the tournament, but for the time being we can use the one you send us. Click here to send your picture ... If you did compete in last years event, please take a look at our Photo Galleries. Almost surely there's a nice picture of you in action. If so, just specify the number of the picture and we'll use that one for your profile.

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