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Website Malware Attacks

Hello sports friends,

As you probably know there are a lot of malware attacks to our websites.
At this moment we have to face this problem and solve after we have been attacked.

Solution for this moment is:
- After a attack all infected files are deleted and replaced by clean ones.
- Further the server (websites) will be extended with extra software for prevention.
- There is a check to verify if the website is free of malware : check website on malware

The browsers people are using on computer, laptop, tablets and phone react different on the malware and we think that the problem percentage is low. (how many people have issue in the browser with presentation). Some browsers like chrome give a malware message also when the malware is removed and not detected anymore. This one is strange and we are looking for an explanation.
We will inform our users via facebook and will put news message on our website.

When we recently tested the different browsers we got following result :
1. Internet Explorer - works - OK
2. Mozilla Firefox - works - OK
3. Google Chrome - has a issue - NOT OK - solution is : disable malware detection in browser settings.
4. Apple Safari - works - OK

Will be continued...

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