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Germany wins European Junior Team Cup 2011 in Budapest

Monday, June 20, 2011:

After a very convincing and high-class performance, Team Germany I won the European Junior Team Cup with a clear 3:0 victory over Team Slovakia in the final match. The European Junior Team Cup was hosted in the Miami Billiard Club in Budapest, Hungary, this year and 10 teams from 5 different nations competed for the title. The 10 teams were split into two groups of five; in the groups, a round robin format was played. The two best teams from each group made it to the semi-finals.

Favourite was team Germany I with European Champion M. Ederer, J. Feller and T. Georgen. Team Hungary I with the two European Champions B. Varga and B. Dek belonged also to the favourite circle just like team Poland, who was the defending champions from last year. As in every tournament, some players perform to their expectations while others create surprises positive or negative. One of the biggest positive surprises was team Slovakia, consisting of J. Koniar, R. Latyka, L. Kova? and B. Koles.

Before the event, nobody would have expected them in the finals against Germany I but they have shown excellent play throughout the whole tournament. Just like team Germany I, they have won all their group matches and advanced into the semi-finals undefeated. The semi-finals saw the termination of all Polish hopes. Team Poland I lost to Germany I with 2:1 while team Poland II lost to Slovakia with the same result.

Press Officer: Thomas Overbeck

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